Developed by the Division of Clinical Informatics at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Alicanto™ is an online collaboration platform for learning, group collaborations, and clinical care coordination used at Harvard hospitals. MIT is using Alicanto to share best practices with global learning communities. Alicanto is being used at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for cancer clinical collaborations and clinical consultations across an extensive health network. Alicanto is named after the mythical Chilean bird that illuminates and helps miners out of mine shafts. Healthcare today is a maze of silos of data and fragmented systems. Alicanto aims to bring data and communications integration into a seamless experience.

Alicanto has tools to support group collaboration, such as web conferencing, document sharing, and discussion forums. Alicanto has tools for managing clinical trials and clinical practice guidelines and an online consultation system for virtual tumor boards and patient referrals. Clinical data can be securely shared and viewed online or with a mobile app.

Alicanto has learning management to share educational content such as videos, images, animations, interactive simulations, documents, podcasts, and structured courses with pre-and post-course quizzes. Administrators can control content to viewable without login, or only for registered users, or restricted to users in an Alicanto group. Users can add comments and questions on online educational content. Content is classified by topic and competencies. Videos can have transcripts in multiple languages. The Alicanto courses can have quizzes, evaluation surveys, and certificates of completion, including CME certificates and e-commerce for paid courses. Alicanto can integrate into external systems such as databases, applications, and authentication services to create a seamless environment for collaboration communities.

See some implementations such as Alicanto BIDMC being used for cancer education, virtual tumor boards and patient referrals, MIT JWEL Alicanto site used for a global community sharing best practices in education, and Pfizer's Alicanto site being used for informatics training for pharmacists.

Alicanto also has an iOS App and an Andriod App that can be used to access the Alicanto sites, save content locally and get push notifications of new content and meetings.

See our latest site Alicanto Clinical Trials that allows you to search for trials worldwide, subscribe to updates to trials by trial name or condition.

For more information to license Alicanto for your institution, visit https://www.alicantocloud.com and please contact Yuri Quintana, Ph.D., Chief, Division of Clinical Informatics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, at email: yquintan@bidmc.harvard.edu